I Do Not Agree With A Decision That My Condominium Association Made Do I Have Any Recourse?

The law allows recourse for any condominium member who disagrees with the decisions made the board of directors of the condominium association.

Now if you think that the decision violates for instance the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, which governs your community, you can challenge that decision even after the fact. The way you would in most cases have to go about this, is by sending a written letter which has a very specific form required by statute to the association requesting a pre-suit mediation. In that instance, the association can refuse to go to mediation and then you can sue them directly in court or they can choose to go to mediation as they almost always will, and then you can go first to non-binding mediation and see whether or not you can resolve things. You also have an option to go to binding arbitration before an administrative agency if you prefer that to going to court.

But the short answer is that there is recourse when your association does something that you think violates the governing documents and you should talk to a lawyer about all of your options.