Elite Legal Skill Exceptional Client Service

Elite Legal Skill Exceptional Client Service

Cohesive Employment Law Assistance For Florida Employers

One of the largest sectors of litigation today arises from the employer/employee relationship. At Pincus & Currier LLP, our attorneys engage in a wide range of commercial litigation on behalf of small and medium-sized businesses in West Palm Beach and throughout Florida statewide, including employment-related litigation.

Just as important, we work with companies on the front-end to put in place the right set of policies and procedures to help avoid litigation in the first place. Our comprehensive knowledge and assistance in the full range of Florida and federal labor and employment law helps keep businesses in compliance with local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations.

A Full Range Of Service In Employment Law

The labor and employment law attorneys at Pincus & Currier LLP help small and medium-sized businesses in West Palm Beach and across Florida with the full range of labor and employment law matters, including:

  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts
  • Negotiating and drafting employment terminations/separation agreements
  • Noncompetition, nonsolicitation and confidentiality agreement claims
  • Representation in unpaid wage claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act and Florida’s Minimum Wage Act
  • Defending against Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charges and drafting position statements
  • Public accommodation and disability discrimination litigation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Workplace discrimination claims
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) claims
  • Private and public whistleblower claims
  • Representation in administrative proceedings before the EEOC, Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR), and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

Effective Employer Counseling Services For Small Businesses

Even the smallest businesses must obey many of the same labor and employment laws as large corporations. You may not have an in-house legal department, but you can’t afford not to have sound legal advice and technical assistance on labor and employment matters. Our employer counseling legal services provide the help you need. Our representation can keep you in compliance and out of trouble with Florida and federal government regulatory agencies and help reduce the risk of future litigation in the event of an employment dispute.

Answering Your Important Questions

We know that our clients have a lot of questions about their case before they even meet with us. To help you get the information you need as soon as possible, we have taken the liberty to answer some of the more common answers we get here:

How does FMLA work in Florida?

Because FMLA benefits are federally provided instead of provided by any state, the benefits work the same as they do anywhere else in the country. With this benefit, employees are able to take time off from work to care for their family. Although the time off is unpaid, it is also protected, which shields you from termination or disciplinary action for taking it.

What is the best way to protect your business from employment law issues in Florida?

When you want to be sure you and your business are compliant with Florida business laws, the best way you can do that is by having a lawyer look after you and your business. Skilled legal representation can help you avoid legal issues and keep small issues from growing into much larger ones down the road.

What are Florida-specific employment laws?

Federal laws set the standard for employment law protections, but each state has the right to go above and beyond that protection. In Florida, there is a higher minimum wage than the federal level (going to $12 in September 2023), protection against marital status discrimination and health care coverage protections.

Contact Our Office For Immediate Assistance

Whether you are starting a new business or need to make sure your current business is doing all it can to be in legal compliance and well-situated to deal with any complaints or disputes which may arise, contact Pincus & Currier LLP in West Palm Beach at 561-485-4291 or via email for advice and representation from knowledgeable and experienced West Palm Beach labor & employment lawyers.