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Elite Legal Skill Exceptional Client Service

Holding Your Homeowners Insurance Provider To Their Obligations

In Florida, homeowners are more likely to file a claim against their insurance compared to any other state. In fact, Florida alone accounts for nearly 10% of all claims. Over the past years, the state has been home to six of the 10 most expensive storms in American history, and given that most claims are the result of wind/hail damage, water damage and fire/lightning damage, it makes sense that insurance claims would be high. With so many potential costs for insurance providers, it is no wonder they may try to avoid paying you the compensation you deserve.

At Pincus & Currier LLP, our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience holding insurance providers to the obligations of their policies. After years of paying your insurance premiums, we believe that insurance providers need to step up and do their part in your homeowners insurance claim, and we can help hold them accountable.

Providing Answers To Your Questions

Many clients of ours often start their claims with us by asking the same questions. We want to help you get the best start possible on your claim, which is why we have taken to answer some of these questions here:

How long does it take to deal with a homeowners insurance dispute?

Every homeowners insurance claim is unique, and so is the time it takes to resolve these claims. Depending on factors like the severity of the damage your home experienced and how resistant your insurance provider is, it can take weeks or months to resolve these claims. Based on the letter of denial your insurance provider gave you, we can give you a better estimate of the length of your claim.

What legal rights do homeowners have in their insurance disputes?

The rights that a homeowner has can be found within the contract they have with the insurance company. While each contract is unique, there are often common similarities in them, including the right for you to receive confirmation of your claim’s status within 30 days of submitting a claim, the right to a full copy of their insurance policy, and the right to consult with an attorney about their claim.

What are common disputes that arise in homeowners insurance claims?

There are many ways that an insurance company can cause a policyholder to file a dispute with them, including arbitrarily changing coverage policies and costs, denying insurance claims, and not fulfilling promised discounts or benefits.

Do Not Settle For Less In Your Claim

Insurance companies have made a business of offering policyholders the minimum amount of money possible in homeowners insurance claims. Instead of settling for less by accepting the first offer they give you, let us help you fight for something better. Call our West Palm Beach office at 561-485-4291 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.