Elite Legal Skill Exceptional Client Service

Elite Legal Skill Exceptional Client Service

Intelligent Counseling Services for Small Employers

If you have 50 or more employees, you can expect just about every employment law out there to apply to your business. With fewer than 50 employees, you need legal advice to determine the policies and procedures that will keep you in compliance and protect your rights and interests in the event of a complaint.

The labor law attorneys at Pincus & Currier LLP represent employers in a wide range of employment litigation and other commercial litigation matters. Our employer counseling services include:

  • Advising clients on employee terminations
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Compliance with the exempt/non-exempt requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Drafting separation agreements
  • Preparing and interpreting employee handbooks and workplace policies
  • Reductions in workforce
  • Department of Labor investigations and audits
  • Drafting non-competition, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements
  • Protection of trade secrets and other confidential business information

While we have you covered should the need for civil litigation arise, our goal as your employment general counsel is to keep you out of trouble and out of court. We focus on and engage in preventive counseling to clients in West Palm Beach and Florida statewide to help reduce the risk of future litigation.

Representation that Small Businesses Can Afford

At Pincus & Currier LLP, we know that your operating budget doesn’t include a legal department or in-house counsel. We also know that you cannot afford to proceed without a knowledgeable employment lawyer on your team whom you can consult whenever needed. Our attorneys provide employer counseling services as you need them to help your business thrive in a complicated environment and help you understand the web of employment-related mandates and regulations that apply to your company.

Helping Small Businesses with Regulation Compliance

With only one or just a handful of employees, you may be subject to numerous employment laws and regulations imposed at the local, state and federal levels. For instance, with 20 employees you are covered under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), and with 15 employees you are covered under Title VII and the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Minimum wage and overtime laws under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Florida Minimum Wage Act (FMWA) apply to almost all employees.

Get The Help You Need with Florida Employment Laws

Our employer counseling services can help you achieve and maintain a satisfied and productive workforce while protecting your rights and ensuring any dispute can be resolved efficiently and effectively in your best interests. Call our office in West Palm Beach at 561-485-4291 or contact us online for a consultation statewide with experienced and successful Florida labor and employment law attorneys.