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Why drivers need their own insurance after certain crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2023 | Insurance Law |

Motorists in Florida are bound by numerous state statutes. They need to have a license to drive. They have to register their vehicle with the state and abide by all local traffic laws. They also need to carry insurance. Florida requires a combination of liability coverage and no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. Drivers always have the option of investing in more insurance than the state requires so long as they meet the basic standards established in state law.

After a major collision in Florida, sometimes people who aren’t to blame for a wreck realize that they need to make a claim against their own insurance policies. These are two common scenarios in which people may need to use their own coverage after a crash that they did not cause.

Getting hurt in a crash

Drivers in Florida often need to use their own coverage for injury-related expenses. The mandatory PIP coverage drivers carry will help pay for medical costs and other expenses for the insured motorist and anyone else in their vehicle at the time of a crash. People often use their no-fault coverage in addition to the liability coverage available from the other driver when they have major injury-related costs.

Getting hit by an uninsured driver

There are a shocking number of motorists who choose to cancel their coverage or let their policies lapse due to mistakes and financial mismanagement. Uninsured drivers won’t be able to provide any liability coverage to the people they hit. According to data from 2019, roughly one in five motorists in Florida doesn’t have insurance at any given time. Uninsured motorist protection is one of the only ways for people to address that pressing financial issue.

Those involved in a wreck caused by an uninsured motorist may be able to file a claim against their own policies if they have uninsured motorist protection. This coverage also applies after a hit-and-run and can help supplement the limited no-fault PIP coverage available for someone’s medical expenses.

Drivers who understand the limits of Florida’s insurance requirements may have an easier time understanding the coverage available to them and maximizing the compensation that they receive after a wreck. Seeking legal guidance can be very helpful in this regard.