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What can you do to avoid a truck crash?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The reasons trucks crash are often the same reasons other vehicles crash. Yet, the unique nature of 18-wheelers and driving them exaggerates some factors and exacerbates the consequences of a crash.

If you are in a smaller vehicle, understanding a little more about the unique challenges trucks present allows you the opportunity to try and avoid contact with them.

Tired drivers are less safe

While truckers are used to long hours at the wheel, they are not superhuman. Like you, they will feel tired occasionally, and there is a fair chance they do so more often because their work patterns can lead to a lack of adequate sleep and rest.

Unwieldy vehicles are less able to make quick maneuvers

Everything takes longer in a large truck, from braking to changing course. By giving trucks a wider berth than usual, you allow them the extra space and time they might need.

Vehicles do not have 360-degree vision

Think how disconcerting it is when you are driving along in your car, then a cyclist or motorcyclist appears from nowhere right behind you. The chances are they were there all along, but you could not see them because they were in your blind spot. Trucks have far bigger blind spots. Learning them can help you stay out of them, giving the trucker the best chance to avoid doing anything that harms you.

If a truck crashes into you, you will likely end up in hospital. You will need legal help to understand your compensation options. Taking a little extra caution around trucks might save you from that scenario in the first place.