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Eating behind the wheel is a dangerous habit

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When a driver is behind the wheel, they should be completely focused on what they’re doing. It’s preferable that they have both hands on the wheel to control it, and they should be monitoring their surroundings to stay safe.

Unfortunately, many people get distracted by activities they do while driving. One of those distractions is eating behind the wheel.

Why is it dangerous to eat behind the wheel?

It is dangerous because of a few reasons. First, when you eat behind the wheel, you aren’t thinking about what you’re doing. Instead, you’re thinking about eating, unwrapping straws or papers and what the taste is like. You might fumble for sauces or get distracted trying to put down a drink.

The next reason it’s dangerous to eat behind the wheel is the risk of choking. Choking can result in a medical emergency as well as a collision if the driver loses control.

Still another reason why eating behind the wheel is dangerous is because there is a potential to spill that food or drink on yourself. Whether it’s hot or cold, that spill will cause a major distraction that forces you to look away from the road.

Finally, it’s dangerous to eat behind the wheel because your hands aren’t on the wheel. Even if you keep one hand on the wheel while you eat, there is a chance that you could lose control or not have the right positioning to make a turn or maneuver safely.

These are several reasons why eating behind the wheel is dangerous and shouldn’t be done.

Is eating behind the wheel legal?

Eating behind the wheel isn’t specifically against the law. However, it could be a distraction, and that distraction could lead to a crash. If eating behind the wheel leads to a collision, then you could argue that the driver was distracted and reckless, which is beneficial to your personal injury case. In some cases, drivers may face reckless driving charges as well.

Distractions shouldn’t happen behind the wheel, but they do. If a distraction leads to a crash, remember that the at-fault driver may be held liable.