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The challenges of uninsured motorist coverage claims

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There are many types of insurance that Florida drivers can add to their policies for enhanced protection. In addition to the basic liability and no-fault coverage required by law, drivers can add a variety of other types of protection to their automotive insurance policies to protect them in a range of scenarios.

Uninsured motorist coverage is one of the most popular additions to basic insurance coverage. Drivers can use their own policies for protection if they end up involved in a crash where the driver at fault does not have proper insurance.

Although many people expect a simple and amicable resolution to an uninsured motorist coverage claim, the process can often be fraught with contention and difficulty. What does filing a successful uninsured motorist claim typically entail?

Proving the situation meets baseline standards

There are typically only two scenarios in which someone can use their uninsured motorist coverage to pay for the expenses generated in a car crash. The first is the scenario people envision most of the time. The driver who caused the crash may have sheepishly admitted at the scene of the wreck that they missed a payment or canceled their policy, meaning they don’t have active liability coverage.

There is a second scenario in which uninsured motorist coverage could also help pay for medical costs, vehicle damage expenses and lost wages. A hit-and-run scenario in which police officers do not successfully identify the driver at fault could also lead to an uninsured motorist coverage claim. Drivers generally need clear proof that their situation falls into one of those two categories.

Negotiating a favorable settlement

Although insurance companies spend a lot of money marketing themselves as friendly and generous, they are often quite aggressive in their efforts to limit liability after collisions. People frequently find that the first settlement offer they received is below their policy limits and the total cost of the crash.

It can be a difficult matter to negotiate a large insurance claim, especially when someone has injuries that require their attention. Those handling the aftermath of a recent car wreck often require support. Realizing that complex insurance claims can be an uphill battle may motivate some people to get assistance before they make mistakes that could have financial consequences. The right assistance can make obtaining uninsured motorist compensation after a crash less of a challenge.