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Should parents spy on their teenage drivers?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Think back to when you got your first car. Do you remember the freedom you felt at being able to get further away from your parents than you could by bicycle or skateboard?

Cars equal freedom for teenage drivers, yet many adults worry about how much freedom teenagers should have. Parents worry about their children’s safety when they are out of the house. Yet, when their kids take the car, parents should also worry about other people’s safety.

Some car manufacturers offer technology to help parents monitor their teenage drivers

Some cars can relay real-time location data, which could lead kids to accuse their parents of spying on them. Yet, in the event of a crash, most kids will turn to mom and dad to bail them out. So parents have significant bargaining power, especially if they are the ones funding or loaning the car.

Here are some of the things modern cars can do:

  • Encourage your kids to put their seat belts on: Some systems emit constant beeps to remind drivers to belt up. Yet, some people get around this by buckling the belt then sitting down on it. Hence some manufacturers offer alternatives such as cars that refuse to start or play music until all seat belts are connected.
  • Limiting speeds: Visual and audible reminders to slow down are one option. Other systems go further and physically restrict a vehicle’s speed.

There are smartphone apps available that can help if your car does not have this technology.

Whose fault is it if a teenage driver crashes into you?

It might be tempting to blame the parents as you wince in pain and survey the damage after a teenage driver has hit you. Yet, it is the driver you need to claim against. They are the ones whom the law holds responsible.