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Avoiding Unnecessary Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

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Under the State of Florida and federal laws, sexual harassment is considered an illegal type discrimination based on sex. Employers are precluded from taking a passive role in cases where an employee files a grievance in relation to possible harassment.

Employers have to maintain suitable guidelines and procedures in place to process, investigate and deal with complaints using a direct and professional approach.

Any employers in the State of Florida that choose to simply write off sexual harassment complaints, as being untrue or not a big deal, without proper and thorough investigations, should be prepared to handle the negative consequences.

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. O’Reilly Automotive Stores, Inc.,

In the case, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. O’Reilly Automotive Stores, Inc., a female employee worked as a delivery specialist for a store in Orlando. While working for O’Reilly Automotive Stores, Inc., the employee claimed that she was constantly exposed to sexual harassment from her manager. She claimed that the manager made sexually-charged remarks to all female employees. The employee also asserted that the manager regularly touched female employees in a sexual way. 

The female employee informed the store managers about her manager’s daily sexual harassment. However, the store managers later informed the female employee that she was fired by the corporate office. The store manager’s statements ended up being false. When the female employee went back to work her manager’s harassment got even worse. The harassment was to the point that the female employee ultimately could not handle it anymore and quit.

Other female employees came forward and informed the EEOC that they were subjected to sexual harassment from the same manager. Additionally, when male coworkers witnessed the manager’s harassment they laughed. O’Reilly Automotive Stores, Inc. is accused in the EEOC’s complaint of a Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 violation. The EEOC requested a permanent injunction against O’Reilly Automotive and its managers to put a stop to future sexual harassment undertakings. Additionally, the EEOC is pursuing compensation for the employee.

Employers Must be Proactive Against Sexual Harassment

The above case shows it is necessary for businesses throughout Florida to take pre-emptive measures and a hands-on approach in order to detect and put a stop to sexual harassment at every rank within their establishment.

It is important for employers to implement and circulate different strategies and procedures regarding anti-harassment in their place of business in order to make certain that they are following both state and federal laws. Furthermore, businesses should follow state and federal requirements for implementing an efficient complaint process for employees to openly state their criticisms in regards to any sexual harassment encountered.

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