What Is A Limited Common Element In A Condominium?

The limited common element in a condominium is an element that you don’t exactly own. It’s common and theoretically available to the use of everybody in the association, but that is actually in some way or a manner serves your unit to the exclusion of all other units. An easy example is the balcony outside your condominium unit. That balcony feels like it’s yours, and certainly you exercise dominion and control over it. You use it, but for purposes of repair or redesign, those kinds of things, it’s actually a common element that only the association would be able to do any repair or maintenance to.

So, it’s a limited common element that serves your unit only. This can also be true in water communities of docks that might be, for example, not attached to your unit, but may be reserved only for your use. That would be a limited common element which is attached or pertinent to your unit.