I Was Sued. What Should I Do?

You need to see a lawyer immediately, and you need to take with you all of the papers that were handed to you at the time that you were served. It’s important the lawyer sees that. The lawyer can assess not only the merits of the lawsuit against you, but they can assess things that you might never think about such as for example have you been served properly with these papers? As why you can imagine in law there are all kinds of questions about the manner in which someone starts a lawsuit against you, and very often, we find that it is done improperly and they can be pushed back, if you will, because they haven’t served you right. Secondly, just because someone has filed a lawsuit against you doesn’t mean they stated the claim correctly. There are all kinds of threshold defenses that can be asserted before you ever even have to answer the lawsuit. Again, seeing a lawyer immediately and getting professional advice is the best thing you can do once you’ve been sued.